PatentReader develops tools to produce patent infringement and prior art analysis - easier and more accurately. Our claim chart generator identifies and extracts every claim limitation. The results are then synthesized into a ready-to-use format. Try it!

Claim chart automation engineered for patents.

PatentReader's patent claim automation focuses on claims, arguably the most important part of a patent. Extracting the meaning of the claim words is frequently dispositive of issues surrounding validity and infringement. Consequently claim language determination is one of the most important and challenging aspects of patent work.

Accuracy is paramount, yet if you ask any number of legal, technical or linguistic professionals what the words in a claim means, you will get a number of different interpretations – unacceptable for something that is so important. The team at PatentReader recognized the need for an effective way of producing accurate and consistent results.

Automation was the obvious choice, notably natural language processing (NLP) methods which are used to extract language information from very large corpora. However it soon became apparent that NLP methods do not lend themselves to patent claims - existing tools and methods proved to be inaccurate and scaled poorly. Patent claims are precision crafted definitions – hence the PatentReader designers determined that a machine-based solution required a carefully designed algorithm engineered precisely for patents.

Whether your goal involves documenting claim charts, claim construction or simply improving the understanding of the claim - PatentReader's claim automation proves invaluable. Unlike patent tool providers who attempt to service a plethora of solutions, the PatentReader teams focuses only on claims and thrive towards continuous improvement to yield higher precision and performance.

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